Beaches & expats

I believe that we all share common dreams. Almost all of them include some kind of financial stability, health, joy and a life free of worries. And maybe, just maybe there would be a scene in which we picture ourselves barefooted walking in a beach of pristine sand, the sun in our face and a warm breeze blowing all around. The sway of palm trees and some kind of music playing in the background that reminds us of a party that never ends. Or maybe we dream of something different altogether. Be what it may, we work hard and steady towards making those dreams come true.

I know because through the last six years I’ve helped many people accomplish what they set out to do in their youth. That is owning a property in the Caribbean and living life to the fullest in an environment as close to “worry free” as possible. And let me  tell you it has not been an easy task. I’ve had so many clients with so many particular needs that helping them narrow down their options in terms of finance, location, security and amenities has been quite a challenge.

The Riviera Maya has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world, white sand, turquoise blue seas that wash ashore to exuberant jungle makes you wonder if you are in paradise. Pair that to the warmth of the locals and of those who have chosen this wonderful land as their second home (there are many expats either from the US or Canada) and you begin to understand why there has been a steady interest in acquiring a property here.

Places like Akumal will entice you with its wonderful bay of cristal clear water and exuberant sea fauna such as the turtles which you can count in the dozens as you swim with them in warm and calm water. Or maybe go a little further in and dive or snorkel in the great Mesoamerican Reef Barrier, second in the world just after the Great Australian Reef Barrier. Anyway, it’s big and full of life.

But if you ask me, what I like the most is meeting with my friends on a Friday afternoon for happy hour in one of the many beach clubs and just winding down to some cold beer or fancy tropical cocktail while watching the sunset and talk about something or anything. As I’ve told you before I am an expat, born in Caracas, Venezuela. To me, the sense of being part of a community which welcomes and fosters expats like myself is one of the best things in the world. We have so much in common while being so different that any simple conversation always becomes something special and rewarding.

I’ve just mentioned one of the many beaches you will find here, there are many, many more of which I will tell you on a later date but for the meanwhile have a great day and stay safe.