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HEAT WAVE? Visit a Cenote

As of today, we are experiencing one of the biggest heat waves to hit the Riviera Maya in many years. Temperatures have risen way past the 39º C (102º F) and humidity is at its most uncomfortable as you feel your clothes stick to your body and the ever-present sweat is a constant reminder that […]

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Crossfit and Me!

Sometimes things just happen with no reason at all, no warning or heads up. They just happen and all we can do is accept them and deal with it. A long time ago, when I came to live in the Mexican Caribbean I was set on enjoying all of the wonderful and “exotic” pleasures that […]

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Internet and Tech in the Riviera Maya

The wave of technology is storming throughout the world and the Riviera Maya is no exception. With millions of tourists coming from all over the world, expecting to communicate and integrate their vacation into the digital plane, there has been an outstanding effort to provide the best and foremost resources to keep you online with […]

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The Great Mayan City by the Sea. In antiquity right in the midst of the Mayan Empire Tulum, this very important city was originally named Zamá (dawn or morning) but with the passing of the years it took the name that best described it. Tulum means walled or surrounded by a fence. Built between the […]

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Playa del Carmen

As with most cities in the Yucatán peninsula, Playa del Carmen was originally settled by the Mayas in pre-Columbian times and was originally named Xaman Ha, which translates to “Water from the North” and its relevance resided in the fact that it was the place from which many Mayan folk would cross the ocean in […]

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Caribbean route

Sargassum in the Riviera Maya

The indelible idea of a pristine white sand beach washed by a beautiful calm sea of turquoise blue while wonderful palm trees sway to the gentleness of the warm Caribbean breeze is one that has been edged into our collective understanding of what life in the Riviera Maya is. I live here and I can […]

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Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Golf @ The Riviera Maya

It is said that a perfect vacation starts with going to a place where you can enjoy doing the things you love the most. If it is golf, then the Riviera Maya will certainly surprise you. With 16 golf courses (all public) designed by some of the world´s most famous golfers, either by the sea […]

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Day of the Dead in Mexico

México is a wonderful country with so many things to offer to whoever comes and visit. The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration that honors the dead. It is celebrated mainly on November 1 and 2, coinciding with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls Day and All Saints Day. It is a […]

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