Category: Empathy

Crossfit and Me!

Sometimes things just happen with no reason at all, no warning or heads up. They just happen and all we can do is accept them and deal with it. A long time ago, when I came to live in the Mexican Caribbean I was set on enjoying all of the wonderful and “exotic” pleasures that […]

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Living in the Caribbean

There will always be a great difference between what we expect and what actually happens. Well, at least in my case, this is almost always true. Maybe it’s because I have a very fertile imagination, and always tend to fantasize on what the outcome of whatever I’m into, let it be work, relationships, vacation or […]

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The Ultimate Reward

Everyone starts somewhere sometime, with an idea or the glimpse of an idea. You make a plan and come up with the actions to make that plan happen. You envision the results you are aiming for and take the very first step towards your future. We all know that the things that really matter in […]

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