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Internet and Tech in the Riviera Maya

The wave of technology is storming throughout the world and the Riviera Maya is no exception. With millions of tourists coming from all over the world, expecting to communicate and integrate their vacation into the digital plane, there has been an outstanding effort to provide the best and foremost resources to keep you online with […]

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The Best Practice

Aiming for Perfection Alexander Pope once wrote that “To err is human. To forgive, Divine.” Throughout my years as a realtor I’ve had my share of mistakes. That awful moment when you realize you could have done things differently and avoid hardship and frustration. I’m thankful for those mistakes, for through them I’ve acquired the […]

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Working with the Right People

Throughout my six years in the Real Estate business, one thing that I’ve learned is that there is no substitute for experience. Surrounding yourself with a team that is proficient in areas you know little about will add to your overall client satisfaction. Acquiring a property is something complicated to say the least, now imagine […]

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Temporal Visa or Permanent Visa?

Mexico loves retirees and they show that by making, based on retirement, easy to obtain. All visas, except visitor’s visas (good for 180 days), must be applied for at a Mexican embassy or consulate in your home country before departing. The process for becoming a temporary or permanent resident in Mexico begins outside Mexico where […]

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