Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Golf @ The Riviera Maya

It is said that a perfect vacation starts with going to a place where you can enjoy doing the things you love the most. If it is golf, then the Riviera Maya will certainly surprise you. With 16 golf courses (all public) designed by some of the world´s most famous golfers, either by the sea or in the jungle, you will certainly face some great and challenging rounds.  

There are several factors that will enhance your golfing experience, first of all, the weather. Warm and sunny is the prevalent condition and if it happens to rain it will last just a few minutes. Believe me, I play once or twice a week and have never had to ask for a rain check. Yes, it can get warm, very warm and very humid but it will just add to the challenging experience and can easily be dealt with a large cold beer. Even more, you can get to experience playing a round of golf in a course that will offer you the wonderful scenery of the jungle as well as the unique experience of some of the most abundant wildlife, be it birds, iguanas, deer, monkeys and much, much more local fauna. 

Maybe it is because of the excellent weather, the superior connectivity to the main cities in the U.S. and Canada, maybe it is the wonderful hospitality or the delicious culinary tradition that characterizes this amazing region, whichever it is, the Riviera Maya has become a favorite destination for golfers throughout the world. These are some of the reasons Playa del Carmen was selected to host one of the world’s most important tournaments: The PGA’s Mayakoba Golf Classic which is underway right now at the “Camaleón” gulf curse at the prestigious Mayakoba Hotel Complex with the participation of world-class golfers such as Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. 

So don´t forget to pack your clubs the next time you come. Maybe we can play a round together! In the meanwhile, have a great day.