Health and Wellness in the Riviera Maya

To each, his own. That is the saying which pretty much sums up the live and let live part of life. People travel from all over the world to come and visit us here in the Mexican Caribbean. People from all walks of life, with different interests, driven by the need to explore a new culture, different weather or just reconnect with that small Mexican that everyone has within but just didn’t know.

Be it what it may, there is a wide variety of activities to engage on while you are here that range from scuba diving to jungle trecking, from gourmet dining to cocktails by the beach, from a wild and party crazy night to a calm and relaxed day at the Spa. There is something for everyone.

Every year we are visited by an ever increasing number of tourists that are in constant search for a more healthy way of life, people that have redefined for themselves and those around them what true wellness is and how to achieve it through exercise, nutrition, therapy and in some cases even spiritual guidance. The hotel industry is aware of this and has grown to tend to this very particular market in ways that amaze me ever so more. Spas have evolved from just a small room on the back of the resort’s gym to an elaborate and sophisticated area with a wide range of amenities that include several types of saunas, hot and cold pools, jacuzzies, hydro-massaging, aromatherapy, masseuse and massage therapy. All nicely located next to a health food bar with all kinds of fruit juices, cereals, and infusions.

I’ve visited quite a few of these wonderful places, several of which, I can honestly say, are small super refined and undiluted slices of paradise. Realms where time is bent to the exquisite selection of oils, music, aromas, and sensations.  Every single one of them attended by a friendly and wonderful staff that has your wellbeing as their priority. If you would like to know my personal favorites drop me a line and I will e-mail you a small cue card.

Or you can just get out to the beach, run a couple of miles and then have a couple of cold ones… ¡Hey it is still paradise baby!

Anyway, as I have already stated: To each, his own.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a great day and look forward to hearing from you.