Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Golf @ The Riviera Maya

It is said that a perfect vacation starts with going to a place where you can enjoy doing the things you love the most. If it is golf, then the Riviera Maya will certainly surprise you. With 16 golf courses (all public) designed by some of the world´s most famous golfers, either by the sea […]

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Day of the Dead in Mexico

México is a wonderful country with so many things to offer to whoever comes and visit. The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration that honors the dead. It is celebrated mainly on November 1 and 2, coinciding with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls Day and All Saints Day. It is a […]

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The Ultimate Reward

Everyone starts somewhere sometime, with an idea or the glimpse of an idea. You make a plan and come up with the actions to make that plan happen. You envision the results you are aiming for and take the very first step towards your future. We all know that the things that really matter in […]

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Website Disclaimer The information provided on this Mexico Great Living website has been compiled for your convenience. All information (including but not limited to the property area, floor size, price, address and general property description) on Mexico Great Living website is provided as a convenience to you. Mexico Great Living regards your privacy as important […]

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The Best Practice

Aiming for Perfection Alexander Pope once wrote that “To err is human. To forgive, Divine.” Throughout my years as a realtor I’ve had my share of mistakes. That awful moment when you realize you could have done things differently and avoid hardship and frustration. I’m thankful for those mistakes, for through them I’ve acquired the […]

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Working with the Right People

Throughout my six years in the Real Estate business, one thing that I’ve learned is that there is no substitute for experience. Surrounding yourself with a team that is proficient in areas you know little about will add to your overall client satisfaction. Acquiring a property is something complicated to say the least, now imagine […]

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Tropical climate

Living in the tropics has its many wonderful advantages and maybe once in a while a perk or two. I’m not going to lie to you, yes the sun, the beach & the sea are wonderful but the weather isn’t always so benign. Once in a while during the rainy season you will get wet. […]

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Archeology an added value

The Mexican Caribbean is perceived as a destination of white beaches, turquoise blue sea and warm climate all year round. This may be so, but believe me, it is much, much more. Where can I begin to tell you about the place I have chosen as my second home? I believe the best is not […]

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Beaches & expats

I believe that we all share common dreams. Almost all of them include some kind of financial stability, health, joy and a life free of worries. And maybe, just maybe there would be a scene in which we picture ourselves barefooted walking in a beach of pristine sand, the sun in our face and a […]

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