Temporal Visa or Permanent Visa?

Mexico loves retirees and they show that by making, based on retirement, easy to obtain. All visas, except visitor’s visas (good for 180 days), must be applied for at a Mexican embassy or consulate in your home country before departing.

The process for becoming a temporary or permanent resident in Mexico begins outside Mexico where you apply at the Mexican consulate in your country through an appointment, a phone call or walk in, depending on the consulate office. Before applying, you will need to print an application form available online, fill it out and take with you together with two passport-size photos when you go to the Mexican consulate.

Provided that you can meet the easy requirements, a permanent visa can be issued the same day. You must present a valid passport, proof of financial solvency and sufficient guaranteed retirement income, along with a few other basic documents, and that’s it.

Once you have residency in Mexico, you are entitled to certain perks that go beyond not having to leave the country every six months. Such things as, access to the social health care system, and if you’re over 60, you can apply for a special seniors’ card that gives you deep discounts on travel, food, and in some cities even property tax and water bills!


TIP: Once arriving in Mexico, however, you must take one more step which is to apply for your residence card within 30 days of arrival or your visa will be invalid.