The Best Practice

Aiming for Perfection

Alexander Pope once wrote that “To err is human. To forgive, Divine.” Throughout my years as a realtor I’ve had my share of mistakes. That awful moment when you realize you could have done things differently and avoid hardship and frustration. I’m thankful for those mistakes, for through them I’ve acquired the wisdom of what works and what does not.

It fills me with great happiness to share this wisdom with my team and clients for I know that it will undoubtedly lead to success. Early in my career I learned that when you help people reach for their dreams you end up making your own come true. This has made an indelible mark on the way we work, from our first contact to the closing of the deal and even beyond you will see and feel our relentless commitment to using the best practices in the business.

Honesty and transparency are two of our most sacred values. In a world full of deception and half-truths it can be very hard to sort out those business opportunities that will render profit from those which will not. This is paramount in the way we deal with our clients because from the very beginning we care enough to ask the hard questions. What do you want? And how much do you wish to invest? From then on we try to find the best Real State options for investment. But above all, we will accompany you through every step of the way.

After the deal has been closed we make an effort to keep in contact for two reasons.

One is to be certain that all of your expectations have been met and that you are satisfied with the results. And second to obtain valuable feedback on things that really worked for you and those that need to be improved. This is our way of aiming for perfection. We know we are not there yet, and will probably never fully get there but surely will keep working hard to do so.


Stablishing our best practices is our way of ensuring the best results and growing as a company. How we manage to do this and live the life we love in the Caribbean will be the subject of another post. In the meanwhile, have a great day.