The Great Mayan City by the Sea.

In antiquity right in the midst of the Mayan Empire Tulum, this very important city was originally named Zamá (dawn or morning) but with the passing of the years it took the name that best described it. Tulum means walled or surrounded by a fence. Built between the years of 1200 and 1450 a.d. in what is known as the Mayan Postclassic era it survived up until the arrival of the first colonial expeditions in the 1500’s. Afterwards it was abandoned and is now a National Park. Never the less, it has remained a sacred place for many as it has the temple of the “Descending God” a very revered deity in the Mayan pantheon and to whom offerings were made by local residents up until the beginning of the 20th. century. It certainly is a most to visit this archeological site known as the jewel of the Riviera Maya. It even has a wonderful beach.

Surrounding this marvellous place a very vigorous community has evolved fuelled mainly by a very selective flow of tourism attracted there by its posh and casual sophistication which you can find in its many boutique hotels and extraordinary restaurants. It is no wonder that Tulum has become one of the most sought after destination for Hollywood’s famous and royalty from all over the planet.

With extraordinary beaches, a very warm and soothing climate and a community whose hospitality is second to none, today Tulum has now one of the most aggressive real estate development markets in the whole of México. A little over an hour drive away from Cancún this small piece of paradise is now home to a growing number of retirees and expats that contribute to the ever increasing cosmopolitan ambiance which defines Tulum yet maintaining its “small town” flavour and ease of life.

Just as when “El Castillo”, Tulum’s archeological site main building, acted as a lighthouse to guide ships through the treacherous reef that runs parallel to the coast (the meso american reef barrier), the city of Tulum beacons investors from all over the planet who desire to own a piece of property either for vocational or rental use.

This is Tulum, the jewel of the Riviera Maya, a place to relax, enjoy life and experience the mysticism of an ancient culture walking hand in hand with a modern cosmopolitan carefree sophistication you can only find here and now.