Working with the Right People

Throughout my six years in the Real Estate business, one thing that I’ve learned is that there is no substitute for experience. Surrounding yourself with a team that is proficient in areas you know little about will add to your overall client satisfaction.

Acquiring a property is something complicated to say the least, now imagine doing so in another country, with its very own set of laws regarding taxes, ownership and banking, a different language and a particular way of doing business and you can begin to get a glimpse of how complicated and confusing it can turn out to be.

In Mexico Great Living we are aware of this, and we’ve made an effort to integrate a team of professionals that will accompany you throughout the whole process. Starting with a thorough interview as to assess your particular needs and possibilities so we can offer you a portfolio of options that will meet your expectations. Afterwards we will set up a tour so you can visit and have a first hand view of the properties. Meanwhile we will explain in depth all of the actions required by law when buying a property in Mexico. For this particular issue we’ve formed an alliance with MexLaw, the only Mexican based law firm that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American Lawyers that have partnered with Mexican lawyers. they have the experience and the competence to represent you through the entire process of acquiring real estate in Mexico. All you do is choose the property.

The overall property offer in the Riviera Maya can turn out to be overwhelming, thousands of properties with so many unique characteristics, price range and amenities have to be scouted, assessed and listed. As you read this lines a team of committed Real State experts are doing just that, finding the best deal for you. Be it presale or a fully finished development we work day in and day out to continuously update our listing with the best and newest deals. And the best part of it is that you can rip the benefits of all this effort at no extra cost to you!


To me, knowing that I’m working with the right people fills me with confidence. To you it is the certainty that everything will be done with the outmost professionalism and care.

This is just a quick note to let you know who we are and what you can expect from us, on a later date I must tell you how we do it. In the meanwhile have a great day.